Sale and tasting of wines and spirits

Customised insight, guided by our cellar master, Mr Julien Frasnetti

The Domaine d'Aucrêt is an excpetional vineyard located in Cully, at the heart of Lavaux

A savoir-faire passed on from father to son since more than four centuries

Distillation, a precious expertise handed down from generation to generation

An invitation to inform yourself about the world of spirits or to produce a high-quality brandy of your own

An exceptional reception room located in the heart of the Domaine d'Aucrêt

For your meal, choose from several caterers in the region, ranging from gourmet menus to traditional cuisine using our local products


Our meetings this automn:

-       The Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne - Beaulieu: from 14 to 23 September 2018

         Meet us at booth O 025!

-        The Expovina in Zürich: from 01 to 15 November 2018
          Find us on the boat "Linth" at booth n ° 163