Entrust us with your fruit, we will put them to good use for a delicious fruit eau-de-vie!

We will distil them for you!

Domaine d'Aucrêt

Do you have fruit trees in your garden and you want to make your own eau-de-vie?

We can do that for you!

Artisanal methods are used to create high-quality products, prepared by our specialist distiller.


Here is some advice to follow before bringing us your fruit:

  • Label your barrels with your full contact details
  • You don’t need to wash the fruit (unless there is earth on them)
  • Leave the stones in except for peaches and apricots
  • Leave a space at the top of the vat (10-15%) for fermentation
  • Stir your fruit once a day for the first 10 days during fermentation
  • Please note that chaptalization is not allowed

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