New under the sun of Lavaux!

Sans Souci, Chasselas, Lavaux AOC: 12.00.-/boxSans Souci, Rosé de pinot, Lavaux AOC: 12.00.-/boxSans Souci, Pinot noir, Lavaux AOC: 13.00.-/box

The Domaine d'Aucrêt is an excpetional vineyard located in Cully, at the heart of Lavaux

A savoir-faire passed on from father to son since more than four centuries

An exceptional reception room located in the heart of the Domaine d'Aucrêt

For your meal, choose from several caterers in the region, ranging from gourmet menus to traditional cuisine using our local products

Sale and tasting of wines and spirits

Customised insight, guided by our cellar master, Mr Julien Frasnetti

Distillation, a precious expertise handed down from generation to generation

An invitation to inform yourself about the world of spirits or to produce a high-quality brandy of your own

Subcontracted distillation

Who has never wanted to absorb the magic that animates the copper vats of the distillation machine?

Guidance from our distiller

Distillation - Domaine d'Aucrêt - CullyDistillation has always been an important operation at the Domaine d'Aucrêt and for the Blanche Family. It is part of their identity and represents expertise, which has been handed down from generation to generation. We invite you to discover the world of spirits.

Once upon a time, we used five mobile distilleries, which circulated in and around the municipalities, in order to distil the fruit of individuals, enabling them to obtain high quality brandies with their own production.



Distillation of alcohol - Domaine d'Aucrêt - CullyNowadays, we offer this service at three fixed distillation points:

  • La Distillerie du Domaine

Chemin de Bahyse-Dessus 2

1096 Cully

Mr Julien Frasnetti

Mr Marien Dubois

Tel: 021.799.36.75.

  • La Distillerie de Fey

Plans of the distilleries - Domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully - Lavaux

Ferme les Plats

Route de Sugnens 5

1044 Fey

Mr Christian Annen

Tel : 021.881.32.41 or

  • La Distillerie de Vullierens

Ruelle de la Laiterie 2

1115 Vullierens

Mr Pascal Rossy

Tel: 021.869.95.61 or 079.475.90.62

We can also provide you with guidance from our distiller so that the fermentation of your fruit runs smoothly under ideal conditions.

Languages spoken

  • French
  • Swiss German
  • English
  • Spanish

Methods of payment

  • Cash
  • Debit card - EC/Maestro
  • Debit card - Postcard
  • Credit card - Eurocard / MasterCard
  • Credit card - Visa
  • Against an invoice

Practical information

CP 144 Ch. de Bahyse-Dessus 2 1096 Cully

Lun - Ven
08:00-12:00 13:30-18:00
Sam 09:00-12:00

N 46.50210°, E 6.73290


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