The Domaine d'Aucrêt in Cully en Lavaux

A passion for working the land and creating wine

From the peaks of Cully, at the very heart of the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO heritage site, we share with you our passion for fruit and grapevines, in our richly historical Domaine. The savoir-faire has been passed down from father to son for more than four centuries.

In the 12th century, the Domaine d’Aucrêt belonged to the Aucrêt Cistercian abbey, close to Palézieux. This was a “pied-à-terre” for the monks, who created a large part of the vineyards in Lavaux and Dézaley.

In 1575, the Abbey produced an act of manumission for Nycolas Blanche. 

In 1576, he settled in Cully at "Baÿses" as a “Chappuis” (carpenter)

In 1578, he received a fiefdom with a house, outbuildings and lands in the hamlet of "Aucrêt"

In 1607, Lys, son of the late Nycolas, received the parish of Villette and the family of don Juan Blango was henceforth known as “Blanche”.

In 1983, transfer of the Domaine and d'Aucrêt cellar from Louis and Gustave Blanche to Michel Blanche.

In 2009, re-organisation of the company, the cellar and distillery d'Aucrêt and the Domaine d'Aucrêt became a single entity under “Le Domaine d'Aucrêt SA”.

In 2011, Jonas Dubois joined the Domaine d'Aucrêt and became vineyard manager and assistant to Michel Blanche.

In 2013, Jonas Dubois completed his apprenticeship in viticulture (CFC)

In 2016, Jonas Dubois completed a “Brevet fédéral de Chef d'exploitation viticole” (Federal diploma in viticulture farm management)


In 2018, Jonas Dubois became the winemaker at “Le Domaine d'Aucrêt SA”.


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Le Domaine d'Aucrêt SA

Chemin de Bahyse-Dessus 2

Case postale 144

1096 Cully

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:30 to 12:00
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Saturday and Sunday: Closed

+41 21 799 36 75

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