A tradition of quality

Who wouldn’t want to be immersed in the magic of a copper still in action?

Domaine d'Aucrêt

From the fruit press to the ageing cellar, to the distillery and its alembic stills, the oldest in the Canton still in activity, the magic of our distillery is an exceptional experience.

Distilling has always been a central activity at the Domaine d'Aucrêt. It is a part of its identity and an expertise passed down from generation to generation.

In the old days, we had five mobile distilleries that moved between the local towns to distil fruit from the local people, giving them access to quality eaux-de-vie from their very own fruit.


Today, we provide this service at three fixed addresses:


 • The distillery of the Domaine d'Aucrêt - Bahyse (Ms. Grobety)

• La distillerie de Fey - Ferme les Plats - 1044 Fey (M.Annen)

• La distillerie de Vuillerens - Ruelle de la Laiterie 2 - 1115 Vuillerens (M. Rossy)


Straight from our orchards, we strive to extract and refine every aroma and quality of our fruit before capturing them into bottles.

The slow process of preparation and selection of our best fruit guarantees the quality of our fruit eaux-de-vie and our spirits. 


Feel free to make an appointment or get in touch, we are happy to provide information. 


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Le Domaine d'Aucrêt SA

Chemin de Bahyse-Dessus 2

Case postale 144

1096 Cully

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Monday to Friday: 07:30 to 12:00
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Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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