New under the sun of Lavaux!

Sans Souci, Chasselas, Lavaux AOC: 12.00.-/boxSans Souci, Rosé de pinot, Lavaux AOC: 12.00.-/boxSans Souci, Pinot noir, Lavaux AOC: 13.00.-/box

The Domaine d'Aucrêt is an excpetional vineyard located in Cully, at the heart of Lavaux

A savoir-faire passed on from father to son since more than four centuries

An exceptional reception room located in the heart of the Domaine d'Aucrêt

For your meal, choose from several caterers in the region, ranging from gourmet menus to traditional cuisine using our local products

Sale and tasting of wines and spirits

Customised insight, guided by our cellar master, Mr Julien Frasnetti

Distillation, a precious expertise handed down from generation to generation

An invitation to inform yourself about the world of spirits or to produce a high-quality brandy of your own

Having more than a dozen different grape varieties and as many varieties of fruit, our Estate offers a wide range of high quality Swiss products, which are available in four ranges:

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A considerable number of our wines have been awarded Lauriers d’Or Terravin and have received medals and accolades in Swiss and international competitions.

Exception range

Exception range - Domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully - LavauxDare to indulge your senses with these valuable grape varieties; wine lovers with a spirit of adventure will rendezvous in these ranges of specialities.
Jewels of the cellar master, these wines, which are aged in barrels, will transport you through a wide range of flavours.
From the spicy Syrah, to the ripe blackberry fragrance of Cabernet, not forgetting the fresh tastes of Sauvignon and many other discoveries.

Pinot Noir "Exception" 70 cl 21.00 CHF
Cabernet "Exception" 70 cl 24.00 CHF
Merlot "Exception" 70 cl 23.00 CHF
Syrah "Exception" 70 cl 23.00 CHF
Gamaret "Exception" 70 cl 22.00 CHF
Sauvignon blanc "Exception" 70 cl 21.00 CHF


Traditional range

Traditional range - Domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully - LavauxThis is the calling card of the Estate, from the famous Calamin to our Epesses "Réserve" they will accompany you during your culinary adventures.
Come and rediscover the special characteristics of the Lavaux in one series, ranging from a crafted pinot noir to other fruity concoctions.

Epesses "Réserve du Domaine" 70 cl 17.50 CHF
Calamin "Grand Cru" 70 cl 19.00 CHF
Aigle "Grand Cru" 70 cl 17.00 CHF
St-Saphorin "Grand Cru" 70 cl 17.00 CHF
Dézaley "Grand Cru" 70 cl 22.00 CHF
Quatre-Ceps White "Assemblage" 70 cl 19.00 CHF
Quatre-Ceps Red "Assemblage" 70 cl 24.00 CHF
Epesses Pinot Noir 70 cl 17.50 CHF
Dessert Wine "Symphonie Dorée" 37.5 cl 28.00 CHF
Sparkling wine "Eclypse blanc" 75 cl 23.00 CHF
Sparkling wine "Eclypse blanc" 75cl 26.00 CHF


"Sans Souci" Range

Domaine d'Aucrêt - CullyIt is because we  love  simplicity and good taste that we have decided to bring our  « Sans Souci » range up to date.
Discover this new tricolor range ; a combination of a Chasselas, a Rosé de Pinot and a Pinot noir.
These Protected Designation of Origin wines are the expression of the sumptuousness and the finesse of the Lavaux region and have an exeptionnal price-quality ratio.

Sans Souci, Chasselas, Lavaux AOC 70 cl 12 CHF
Sans Souci, Rosé de pinot, Lavaux AOC 70 cl 12 CHF
Sans Souci, Pinot noir, Lavaux AOC 70 cl 13 CHF
Sans Souci, Chasselas, Lavaux AOC 50 cl 9 CHF
Sans Souci, Rosé de pinot, Lavaux AOC 50 cl 9.50 CHF
Sans Souci, Pinot noir, Lavaux AOC 50 cl 9.50 CHF


Still range

Still range - Domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully - LavauxWe endeavour to extract all of the flavour and character from the tree fruit, sublimate it, then finally confine it in bottles. The slow process of preparation and selection of the finest fruit of the Estate guarantees the quality of our fruit brandy.

Alcool Alambic à 41%

Abricot d'Aucrêt 50cl. 37.00 CHF
Coing d'Aucrêt 50cl. 37.00 CHF
Framboise d'Aucrêt 50cl. 39.00 CHF
Grappa d'Aucrêt 50cl. 31.00 CHF
Gravenstein d'Aucrêt 50cl. 27.00 CHF
Lie d'Aucrêt 50cl. 26.00 CHF
Mirabelle d'Aucrêt 50cl. 33.00 CHF
Poire Wiliam's d'Aucrêt 50cl. 33.00 CHF
Prune de Damas d'Aucrêt 50cl. 37.00 CHF
Sureau d'Aucrêt 50cl. 45.00 CHF
Amélanchier d'Aucrêt 50cl. 45.00 CHF


Alcools TraditionTraditional liquors - le domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully

Lie "Tradition" 100cl. 28.00 CHF
Kirsch "Tradition" 100cl. 35.00 CHF
Liqueur de Framboise 37.5cl. 16.00 CHF
Vodka Link 70cl. 23.00 CHF

Le Coin Gourmand

Coin gourmand - domaine d'Aucrêt - Cully

Raisins ou Pruneaux à la Lie 320gr. 24.00 CHF
Raisins ou Pruneaux à la Lie 720gr. 39.00 CHF
Raisins ou Pruneaux à la Lie 1750gr. 73.00 CHF
Cerises au "Vieux Kirsch" 320gr. 25.00 CHF
Cerises au "Vieux Kirsch" 720gr. 39.00 CHF
Cerises au "Vieux Kirsch" 1650gr. 79.00 CHF
Vin Cuit d'Aucrêt 50cl. 15.00 CHF

Deliveries throughout Switzerland - carriage-paid for orders of 24 bottles and over - packaging + freight charged in addition for orders below 24 bottles.

Prices: subject to stock and change in prices, the prices are understood as being per box and in Swiss francs, including 8% VAT; payment 30 days net

Discount: 3% discount for orders from 36 bottles or more / 4% from 48 bottles or more / 7% from 72 bottles or more / 5% on goods taken from the Estate.

Languages spoken

  • French
  • Swiss German
  • English
  • Spanish

Methods of payment

  • Cash
  • Debit card - EC/Maestro
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  • Credit card - Eurocard / MasterCard
  • Credit Card - Visa
  • Against an invoice

Practical information

CP 144 Ch. de Bahyse-Dessus 2 1096 Cully

Lun - Ven
08:00-12:00 13:30-18:00
Sam 09:00-12:00

N 46.50210°, E 6.73290


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